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Reise nach Deutschland

My new passport

I haven’t had a passport for over 10 years. The last time I travelled abroad was when I was 15 and my class went to Bulgaria for a week. Kinda sad that I haven’t been able to go anywhere since then…
But now I finally will!


And not only that – it’s a free trip! We’re going on a weekend thing with work, so the plane ticket and the hotel is paid for by the office. I just need money for food and shopping :D
The agency only consists of 6 people, including the two owners, so we have a very laid-back and friendly atmosphere at work. I think it will be lots of fun travelling with them :)

So now I have a passport. Not that you really need one to travel within the EU, but people tell me it’s much easier if you have one. And I’ve already started packing in my head. Maybe I should try and brush up on my German? I haven’t spoken the language since high school so I’m more than a little rusty.
I know it’s still a few months away, but like I said I haven’t travelled in over 10 years, and I’m so excited!!

5 bottles of wine

I’ve never liked wine. Or beer for that matter. If I want something to drink I’ll drink water – and if I want something with alcohol I’ll drink cider or regular drinks. Hasn’t really been a problem in the past, but now that I’m all grown up (HA!) I find myself getting into more and more grown up scenarios. Like work dinners. Or fancy parties not held in someone’s basement playing drinking games and lowering vodka shots.
So. I figured I should at least try drinking something a little more sophisticated.

One of the tasks on my 101 list is just that: try 5 different wines to see if any of them are drinkable. Task is now competed:

Delapierre, Blue Nun, Würtz, Organic Moselland and LDR Riesling (I think, the label is hard to read)

Delapierre was a sparkling wine we had for New Year’s Eve. Tasted like cider gone sour. Not very tasty. Wurtz was pretty sour too. But the other ones were ok I guess. At least I could drink a whole glass without making lemon faces. I think the organic wine was my favourite, I actually kind of liked it.

Guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it. There are lots of things I didn’t like at first but later changed my mind about. I think my taste buds are slowly getting used to wine now. But I still prefer cider. Or water :P

Favourite webcomics

I’ve always loved comics, especially the Franco-Belgian classics and many of our own Swedish comics. Can’t say I’m into the Marvel kind though, I’ve never understood the necessity of brightly coloured tights…
Anyway, a while ago I mentioned my new-found addiction to Questionable Content.
Well, that seem to have started a snow ball reaction. Now that I’ve (finally?) discovered the wonder that is webcomics I’ve spent hours finding and reading new material. I can’t believe how many talented artists/writers there are out there :D

Here are my current favourites, in no particular order:

(If you have comic suggestions, do share!)

Charlie is depressed, broke and soon to be homeless. Doesn’t sound like much fun, and it isn’t. But it is capturing and easy to relate to if you’ve ever been in a rut yourself. When I stumbled upon this comic I was instantly hooked by the unusual way the story is told. Most comics are just short strips, but Brightest is actually a webcomic book. The story is slow and often told entirely inside Charlie’s thoughts.
It’s very original and I really, really like it.

Probably one of the most beautifully drawn comics I’ve ever seen, the quality is just unbelievable! The story takes place in St. Louis during the 20′s and revolves around the Lackadaisy speakeasy and the odd characters there. If you like classic crime dramas and cute kittens this comic is a must!

A cute and funny comic often revolving around games, computers and various Internet stuff.
Geeks galore! :D

The cute story of Chop Chop Ninja Doom and Chocobanana Sofuto. One of the creators behind Springiette is Shouri who is actually a former doller (yes, pixel dolls). Which makes it even more awesome ^_^

Every country is a character (the clothes is the country’s flag) and the comic is about their relations with each other. The Scandinavian countries/characters (Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden) are the main characters.
I find this comic hilarious! I literally Laugh Out Loud when I read it. But you don’t have to be Scandinavian to appreciate it. USA, England and many other countries show up all the time. The comic comes in stand-alone strips, but you should probably start from the beginning and read the authors comments under each comic to fully understand the jokes.

“I wonder if there are any wolf/werewolf comics” I thought and Googled it. Well, turns out there are plenty. But I think Strays is my favourite so far. The story takes place in a fantasy world with luipans (aka. humans with tails who can turn into wolves) as the main characters. But there are also demons and various other creatures. It’s often cute and funny but also full of death and despair (can in fact get quite bloody sometimes). So far I love it, and I love the artwork!

The Walking Dead

Me and Markus have been watching the first season of The Walking Dead. So far I really like it. I like the casting, they’re talented and I see a lot of well-known faces. And I’m loving the graphics! The zombies are just enough decayed for my taste :) You can tell it’s a show with a pretty decent budget. The scenery is nice, the zombies are gory and the story is exciting.

My only complaint is that the survivors are obviously idiots.

First of all, if you have a city with half a million blood-thirsty zombies, wouldn’t you wanna get as far away from that city as possible? As long as you’re within walking distance they could easily find you, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.
So what do these morons do? They put up camp just on the outskirts of the city! In several scenes you can even see the skyscrapers in the distance :crazy: I don’t know, but if it was me I’d get as far away from the city as possible. Fuck, I’d get as far away from any city as possible.

And how come their camp is just a ring of tents and caravans on a hillside, with nothing to protect them from wandering zombies? The first (first!) thing to do would be to set up some kind of protection, wouldn’t it? Walls, fences, various traps and pits. AT LEAST put up tripwires with bells or empty cans or something to alarm you when something approaches.
And during the night they all sit and look into the campfire (way to ruin your night vision) with noone standing guard. Seriously?

I do like the series, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it – but I really hope their survival instincts kick in soon. Or that they find a copy of Zombie Survival Guide :P

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