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Vampire Diaries

Karin Persson - vampire diaries comic

I’ve just watched the whole first season of The Vampire Diaries. I was hesitant since it looked like some horrible Twilight/Sweet Valley High ripoff mix, but I gave it a try anyway. And actually… it’s ok.
I don’t give a fuck about Elena and Stefan (just like I didn’t give a fuck about Edward and Bella. What are the odds?) and overall it’s just the usual high school drama with rather lame vampires, but it’s ok. It’s light entertainment, good for a lazy Saturday afternoon when you got nothing better to do.

AND! Ian Somerhalder is in it. Which of course is an excellent reason to watch and enough to make me a huge fan *notatallshallow* :P He may very well be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

And I’m also waiting for the werewolves! Or what I hope will be werewolves anyway! There’s been some hints with fullmoons and violent outbursts and once I did catch a glimpse of a yellow eye 8O
I will be so disappointed if it turns out to be just some weird kind of demon or something…

Is it wrong of me to watch a show just because I love one character?
Or to watch a show about vampires just because it might have werewolves in it?

Cat or not?

Zappo and my friends cat Zingo

For years me and Markus have been talking about getting a cat. We both grew up with cats and would love to have one again. You know what they say, a home without a cat is just a house ;)
It would be good company for Zaphod too. We had a cat for the first 2 years of his life and he seem to like having another four-legged creature to share the couch with.

We’ve also discussed becoming a foster home to help out the local animal protection association. They are always looking for temporary homes for cats and it would be nice to help out. But it would probably be difficult to have a cat for a little while, get attached to it, and then have to give it to someone else :( It is definitely an alternative though, and we’re thinking about it.
And if we do decide to get a cat we’ve already agreed to adopt one from the animal protection association anyway.

But we still haven’t made a final decision… There are two points to consider first:

  1. Who takes care of the cat when/if we go out of town? It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does we are going to need a cat sitter.
  2. What about our allergic friends? I’ve been told cats are often worse than dogs.


More birthday

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend, but also very fun. Friday was my birthday and it started with Markus singing for me and serving me cake in bed. He had even bought a small bottle of Dr Pepper which is my favourite soda. He earned quite a few brownie points that morning :love:

In the afternoon Camila came to my office with this cute little cake :heart: She too earned herself a shitload of brownie points that day.

Drinks and dinner at All Stars

Friday night we went out for dinner and drinks at a local sportsbar. Both to celebrate me and to say goodbye to an intern who has been with us at the office for a few weeks and is now returning to the university. We got pretty attached to him so it’s sad to see him go, but I’m sure he’ll show up again :)
We don’t normally look that dressed up when we go out, but we decided to suit up and get fancy for a change :P

Saturday I spent most of the day shopping with my mother (while slightly hung over I might add). I bought myself a dress from Vero Moda. I don’t normally do patterned clothes, but I just really loved the flowers and the stripes.
And I got a new bag from Alex David! Half of it was paid for with a gift certificate Markus gave me and the other half was paid for by my mum = win :D

When me and mum got back from our day of shopping we had cake with bananas, strawberries, lemon curd and chocolate. Yum!
Mum stayed ’til Sunday and we had a pretty good time :) But I could use another weekend to be honest, I haven’t had nearly enough sleep and rest *yawn*

First day of spring

Photo from Stock Xchng

Today is the spring equinox! :yay:
We’ve been having very pleasant weather lately, the sun has really broken through the cold and is actually quite warm now. Everything the sun rays hit starts melting and dripping. A puddle the size of a small country has been formed outside my door.
The snow will probably stay for another month or so, but right now it really feels like spring. Even if there’s still some winter left to take care of, the equinox means we’ve made it to the other side of the year at least.

I spent the day cleaning mostly. I washed (almost) every window in the apartment + cleaned the window frames + put up new, brighter curtains everywhere. Except in the bedroom, there I got darker curtains :P
I have thin, white curtains up for the winter but when the sun comes back it gets to bright so I have to put up heavy, black ones instead. I don’t mind sleeping in sunlight, but Markus complains so black it is.

And yesterday there was the Super Full Moon, did you get to see it? The sky was clear so I saw it. It was huge and bright and all, but honestly not as huge as I had imagined.

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