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Creative Summit

Ok, for those who hasn’t heard: I’m back. I survived the festival :) It was awesome and probably the most fun I’ll have this year, and I will post about it later. I just need to go through all the photos and such.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you what I did this week! Wednesday and Thursday I attended Creative Summit for the first time. One word to sum it up: nerdgasm!

It’s an annual seminar about creativity in the media industry with about 250 guests from all over the world and some truly amazing speakers.
The theme for this year was Digital Goes Physical and many of the speakers talked about how to make the digital world step out of the computer screen and into your actual world.
We were shown some pretty mind-blowing things that are happening with technology today and what (even more mind-blowing) things might happen in the future. We were shown some amazing projects, like the Yahoo Bus Stop Derby and my favourite: the interactive music video that one of our local bureaus helped put together.

The most memorable presentation though was given by Lorne Peterson – an Oscar winning visual effects artist who among other things worked on the six Star Wars films. He showed behind-the-scenes photos from different movies and explained how certain scenes were made and how models were built. (Apparently the best way to make mountains is to use coal, tin foil and baking powder. Go figure.) We’re talking MAJOR nerdgasm!

Trash cans at the seminar. I think they speak for themselves ;)

I can’t really recap all that was said and done during these two days since it was just SO MUCH information and inspiration. But it was two days well spent! Wednesday evening there was a huge dinner party for all the guests and speakers and I got to hang out with some old friends from uni who I hadn’t seen in a while.
I just can’t believe I didn’t bring my camera! I had to steal the photos above from Creative Summit’s Twitter just to have something… :doh:

On the road again

I’m going away again! This time to Sweden Rock Festival :rock: 14 hours in a car driving through pretty much our whole country, from north to south, then 5 days in a tent surrounded by over 30 000 metalheads. Can it get any better?
I just hope the weather will be good, rain is the fastest way to ruin a festival. I should probably go sacrifice a goat to Tor or something…

I’ll be back next Monday, so have a nice week folks! Take care of the Internet for me :D

My iPad

Trillian - my iPad

I’ve already mentioned it on Twitter: I have got myself an iPad! When I first heard about this new piece of technology I didn’t think much of it, why would I want an iPad when I have a computer? But the more I heard about it the more I liked the idea. Markus constant nagging helped in the decision-making too ;) So I bought one about a month ago, and so far I’m impressed.

When I bought it I wasn’t really sure what to use it for, but now I actually find myself using the iPad more often than I use the computer. If I want to check my email or just do some light surfing, I turn to the iPad since it’s just so much more comfortable to lean back in the couch than to sit at the desk. I think that is the biggest perk for me, my laptop is way to big and heavy to sit comfortably in my lap. And it gets way to hot. The iPad is small and lightweight and never even get warm.

Most apps I’ve tried so far work really well, I actually prefer the app-version of for example Facebook. I’m also getting kinda addicted to the game TinyZoo :blush: I’m thinking about purchasing a Spotify subscription too now that I have a portable device.

The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t view Flash videos and the iPad version of YouTube doesn’t seem to have nearly as many videos as the “real” version…
But other than that – and the apple on the back – I’m pleased ^_^

(Yeah, I named her Trillian. Anything else would be ridiculous, right?)

Munich in pictures

Ok, here we go! Picspam from Munich! Beware, there are LOTS of images after the jump!
Most of the photos are mine, some are taken by Johan and some by Tommy from our office. There are more photos on Facebook if you’re interested :)

Like I’ve said before, we had a really great time. Walking around in Munich is like walking through a fairytale, there are towers and gargoyles and old gothic fonts everywhere! :love:
It’s such a beautiful city, I would love to go there again some time. I feel like one weekend wasn’t enough to even scrape the surface of what Munich has to offer.

The weather played nice for most of the weekend. Friday was really warm and sunny, Saturday too until the evening when it started to rain a little. We had a few showers on Sunday, but not so much it bothered me.
I was very pleased when I realised I could understand most of the German signs and menus and such, and I did try to speak it a little when I had the chance. But it was hard to follow when people were talking. When you’re not very good at a language it feels like everyone talks so fast!
I got to use Euro for the first time too which was fun. But ZOMG so many coins!


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