Turning thirty!

Dirty thirty! Dirty thirty!

So, today is my 30th birthday! There’s no denying it now, I’m an adult.
As long as you’re a 20-something you can sort of hide behind your youth, like it’s ok to not have everything figured out because you’re still so young. I always thought that by the time I hit 30 I’d have my shit together, for real… but I don’t know. I’m less confused now than I was at 20, but I’m still not feeling very grown-up. :P

I was afraid I might develop a 30 year crisis, but honestly it felt worse last year when I turned 29. Then it was like “OMG my last year as a 20-something! My youth is over!” Now that I actually am 30… it’s no big deal.
I might still colour my hair purple and get a bunch of tattoos, but that’s something I’ve always wanted but never could afford so it’s not a crisis. More like a “yay, I finally have money” thing.

Anyway, I had a nice day.
They sang for me at work (sweet but awkwaaaard!) and when I got home Markus had made me a cake:

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake filled with bananas and chocolate mousse, covered with whipped cream and white marzipan. Yum!

I wasn’t expecting any presents as we’re planning on going on a shopping spree in London, but he had bought one anyway: a wooden wrist watch from WeWood! They make beautiful watches made entirely from wood, and they also plant one tree for every sold watch. :)

WeWOOD wrist watch

As if that wasn’t enough Markus took me out to dinner on Saturday night. We had a seven course dinner at what is probably the fanciest restaurant in town.
I didn’t think to bring my phone or camera so I didn’t take any pictures of the dishes, but it was quite an experience. They specializes in Nordic food so their menu is pretty special. Among other things they served salmon, Icelandic lobster, fried boar and ice-cream made of Arctic raspberries.

This birthday celebration has been really drawn out, it’s like it goes on forever. I already celebrated with Markus parents, then again this weekend + today, and next weekend I’ll probably go to my parents and celebrate once again. I’m about so set a record for number of birthday cakes received. :P
But I’m not complaining, one can never have too much cake, haha!

Spring equinox

You know what today is? Today is the spring equinox! :yay:
Day and night are equal now and soon the scale will tip over and we’ll have more day than night. It’s not very spring-like yet though. This is what our house looks like right now:

Our house

Plenty of snow as you can see. It’s been really cold too, with absolutely FREEZING winds. The real spring warmth probably won’t be here for another couple of weeks. But I’m in no hurry. :) My only problem with winter is the darkness, and now that that’s out of the way I can be outside and enjoy the snow a lot more.

I managed to find some birch branches to decorate for Easter too. Now that I finally have a house I can start doing all that fun decorating stuff I’ve never been able to do before. You can put branches outside your apartment door too but… it’s not really the same.

Easter branches

I probably could’ve found prettier branches, but these were already dead and laying on the ground so I picked them anyway as I don’t like cutting of living branches. If I’m making a fire or something, then sure – but not when it’s only for decoration.

Does anyone else put decorated branches on the porch like this, or is it a Scandinavian thing? And do you have spring yet where you are?
Or fall or some other season maybe? Sorry, I tend to forget about the southern hemisphere.

Pre-birthday celebration. With LEGO.

Gifts from Markus parents

We spent the weekend at Markus parents and did some light celebration of my upcoming birthday.
It’s still 2 weeks early, but who cares? :P

I got a beautiful flower in a vase with pink sand on top and what looks like pink jelly at the bottom. Hopefully it will survive for a while, but I don’t feel very confident. The prettier the flower the sooner I kill it usually…
I also got some bed linen, a cook book (muffins and cookies), a card and a fat purple chicken. ^_^ I’ve talked before about how my birthday and Easter usually are connected.


See what else I got! Me and Markus were doing a little shopping in town and since we’re adults (*snort*) we of course visited the toy store. In the LEGO section we noticed they had Lord of the Rings sets. And The Hobbit sets. HUGE sets with whole castles and dungeons and everything! Star Wars sets too, but LOTR is cooler than Star Wars in my world.

After a rather silly debate about whether or not it’s ok for grown-ups to buy LEGO just for themselves (would it really be such a bad idea to have children for the sole purpose of being allowed to buy and play with toys?) he decided I should at least have a little LEGO Gandalf. Just for display. Just because I’m such a nerd and LEGO Gandalf is disturbingly cute. So he bought me this little set from when Gandalf arrives in The Shire at the beginning of the first movie! :D


See the red thing? It’s the dragon firecracker!



So silly, but really cute too, and it was fun putting it together. I think I’m gonna take it to my office so I can roll the carriage back and forth over my desk when I need a break. ;)

Happy Endings

Happy Endings

Max, Dave, Jane, Brad, Penny and Alex

So this is my new favourite sitcom: Happy Endings :D

Normally I don’t care much about sitcoms. They can be entertaining, but I don’t get very invested in them and don’t really follow them. If I turn on the TV and The Big Bang Theory is on I probably won’t switch channels, that’s the amount of effort I put into it.
Happy Endings is different though. I’ve watched all of season 1 and 2 in one weekend + the first 5 episodes of season 3 and I CAN’T WAIT for the rest!

It’s hilarious. Like, really hilarious. I can’t remember the last time a show made me laugh like this. Not the polite little snickering I usually do at the TV, but real actual laughter!
They have the adorable characters and real-life issues mixed with complete randomness and physical comedy, add some razor sharp, witty dialogue and there you have it. It’s the perfect blend of realism and hyperbole! It’s as if How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and Family Guy had a love child.

Did I mention the characters are great?
They’re all funny but my favourite is Penny Hartz. She’s always single, always chaotic and crude and weird and she abbreviates at least one word in every sentence. Or just pronounce them so that they sound like completely new words… I’ve caught myself saying “ah-mah-zing” out loud in real life, so whatever it is she has I guess it’s contagious. Penny is perfect. :love:
Speaking of ah-mah-zing: Max is probably the least stereotypical gay guy ever seen on TV. It’s refreshing how his love life is handled no differently than the other straight characters and the cheap jokes that are usually thrown around are nowhere to be found. He’s also one of the funniest characters on the show.

There’s also Tyler the Racist Parrot. Yeah, it’s exactly what it says on the label…

To my horror I read about the show being moved around by ABC a lot and people seem worried they might cancel it altogether. Hopefully there’s no truth in those rumours because I really want to keep Happy Endings.
So, um… please watch it a little bit and give the show some support?

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