This summer in photos (click on them for larger view):

Went to the beautiful town Örnsköldsvik to visit Markus’ parents. I love that place, if we didn’t have our jobs here I would move there in a heartbeat :heart:

Went swimming in a lake.

Markus with his golden hair and cat-like green eyes :love: Taken when we were at the lake.

Pretty flowers and a pond with a fountain.

How cool is this!? A friend has installed a whole bunch of old NES games on his computer AND he also modified two original Nintendo game controllers so they can be plugged into the USB ports! :rock: Retro games FTW!

Playing football with the dog.

Yay! :D

And of course strawberries. It’s not summer without them!

Summer is quickly coming to an end up here, I’ve already seen several yellow leaves on the trees, but I’m not complaining. Autumn is my favourite season so I’m looking forward to it :D